Forwarded from Nestor (Civil War)

DMS dmschanoes at
Thu Jul 10 09:14:01 MDT 2003

Nestor:"DMS is consistently attempting to deform not only my ideas, now he
questions my intentions too. Isn??t this a little bit too much, dear
cdes. and friends?"


Well, Nestor, there you go again, trying to make yourself a
martyr to my nefarious manipulations.  And this after you
attempt to deflect a question about the possible racism
of your statements by accusing JH's analysis of Marx's
categories as being racist.  NO Nestor, you're not the
rubber band man, you're the limbo man.  How low can he go?

I think it's a bit curious Nestor, that it takes 2 days of
debate and the intervention of a 3rd party, comrade JF, to
produce an explanation for your views that you fail to
provide anywhere in your own puffed up messages about "teaching
Marxist analysis," "special insights," blah, blah, blah.
THEN you leap for the explanation from the third party,
and say "but that's what I obviously meant."

What you said was that in the final analysis the US Civil War
was a conflict between the US and British bourgeoisie.  What
you said was the Union represented a national-popular front.
What you said was that the progressive thing about the
civil war wasn't slavery, but the defeat of British designs
on monopolizing the South's cotton production, or some
such nonsense.

What you said was that I should keep quaking in anticipation
of the big Marxist thrashing you were about to bestow.  Nestor,
in my life I have quaked, I've had to keep myself from
shaking apart, from running blindly away, but not because of
bags of wind like you.  The stakes were a lot higher than
scoring points against self-styled oracles like you.

You want to continue this? then offlist.

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