U.S. Army Baits Ambushers With Own Troops

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"Our Great Spring Victory" by General Van Tien Dung, Monthly Review Press,
"A Viet Cong Memoir" by Truong Nhu Tang, Vintage, 1986

For those interested in serious US military soul-searching in the wake of
the 1975 defeat of US imperialism I recommend:

"Crisis in Command" by Richard Gabriel and Paul L. Savage, Hill and Wang,
"Self-Destruction" by Cincinnatus, Norton, 1981. This book is dedicated "To
the 46,616 combat dead and the 10,386 noncombat dead   57,002"

I have not followed this stuff for years so more recent writings are unknown
to me.

David McDonald

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Jim Craven wrote:

> During the Tet offensive, Vietnamese forces hit 33 out of 44
> provincial capitals, over 100 towns and cities, took and held for
> awhile poritons of the U.S. embassy in Saigaon,

is their an authoritative account (book) of the VietNam war from the
point of view of the North and the VC? strategy, tactics, etc?


les schaffer

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