How Peter Camejo refuses to attack the Democrats and Republicans

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Thu Jul 10 13:24:03 MDT 2003

Eli Stephens writes, "Camejo did NOT say there was anything wrong with
the Democrats and Republicans."

Following is a partial transcript of the first five minutes or so of a
Peter Camejo talk downloaded from their web site a year or so ago. From
the internal evidence, it was given when he was ratified as
gubernatorial candidate, that is what it sounds like, to some sort of
statewide gathering of greens.

[...] I want to mention that Monday, when we go on that martin luther
king march [...] I assure you that we will be the only governor and
lieutenant governor candidates on that march, and I can assure you that
I will be the only candidate for governor who actually marched with
Martin Luther King. 

I always wonder what they were doing?

At a time in which the African American people, in violation of the 15th
amendment of the constitution, did not have the right to vote,  and in
which these two same parties were there, preventing them from the right
to vote. And those two parties have never apologized to the African
American people for having violated the constitution even though every
single elected official raised their hands and said they were there to
enforce the constitution.

Which is one of the issues that separates the green party from the
Democrats and Republicans. 

[. . .]

I tell you, we’re making headway. You know, we have a campaign worker
that is doing one hell of a job to recruit people to the green party,
more than anybody has ever done before, in my opinion. And its not Medea
Benjamin, it not Dan Hamberg, its not Sara Meer 
 its  Gov. Gray Davis.
[Those names are all transcribed phonetically, i.e., they're guesses
from the audio recording.]

It would be hard to invent a person that could so effectively alienate
every group that they’re depending on to win the election. And it is a
commentary about the depth of the problems of this society and the
contradictions that most of those groups will endorse him and vote for
him even though they are totally upset with him and make no secret of
telling me.

Because of the world I travel around in I meet all kinds of people. And
it is amazing the comments they say to me. Like Art Polaski, he's a
wonderful guy. Art Polaski is pretty smart, the head of the [state]
afl-cio, and I heard him speak, my firm had a conference where he was
one of the speakers. And he said a lot of very good things. 

Well he just rushed to endorse Gray Davis. I don’t have his phone
tapped, but I sure would like to hear what he really thinks. I wouldn’t
be surprised and I think this is true across the board.

I talk to Antonio Gonzalez, he is a friend of mine, and we talk, he
talks to all the Latino leaders, he tells me the one thing you don’t
have to worry about is support for Gray Davis. They may vote for him but
they’re not for him. This is really amazing.[...]

And I think our campaign had a very interesting success when I pinned
the name on him, pay to play.[...] The pay to play governor.[...] And
the public all know it is true. They know these people don’t donate
money to the Democratic and Republican parties, they make investments.
When you have a corporation that gives exactly the same amount to both
candidates, what are they supporting? I mean, they’re BUYING something,
and it’s a cost of business.

*  *  *

Thus far Camejo. As far as I can tell from Atlanta, the campaign was a
fine campaign. If someone thinks Camejo wasn't saying there was
something wrong with the democrats and republicans, well, I just don't
agree. It may not have been understandable to some Marxists, but it was
plenty accessible to hundreds of thousands of working people who voted
for him, which is more important, because it represents actual motion
towards class political independence.


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