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Americans are notoriously uncaring about where their stolen tax dollars are
spent. They are just as notoriously, thankfully, unwilling to sustain
casualties in combat, and especially when they think they're being
bullshitted about the war. Recent polling data shows this clearly. "Bring
them on" is very unfunny to anyone with a relative or loved one in Iraq.

David McDonald

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Jose wrote:

>I looked at the lyrics and nothing jumped out as a major problem. What
>were you referring to?

Well, some people might find the title, "Bring the boys home now" both
anachronistic and sexist, given that the armed forces include both men and
women. "Guys" may be a term that people use to include both men and women,
but "boys" isn't exactly in that category.

For those who haven't heard the song, by the way, the lyrics by themselves
aren't that great. When combined with the music and Freda Payne's great
voice, though, it makes one powerful song. If you don't mind the "boys",
well worth playing at any rally.

Then, on a more serious note, Jose wrote:

>So the American command is going to wind up doing what colonial
>occupiers have always had to do in response to a people's war, which is
>to wage a war of genocide against the people. The attempt will be to
>terrorize the population, yet that will only unite it against you. Look
>at the Palestinians.

I agree with most of your analysis, with the exception of its affect on the
American people:

>The idea of getting out without arranging an alternate occupation is
>"unrealistic" only to
>the peace bureaucrats and NGO types.

Using the Palestinian analogy, which in some respects is a good one, the
majority of Israelis or even a sizeable minority are certainly not in the
streets calling for withdrawing Israeli troops from the West Bank and Gaza,
even though Israelis are being killed on "their own" [sic] land. So, basing
my contention on a fairly significant number of my friends and family who
went to their first antiwar marches ever his past spring hoping to stop the
invasion of Iraq, I still think that the prospect of mobilizing anywhere
NEAR the previous numbers around a "Bring the troops home now" slogan is
daunting. I think my "less political" friends and family will think it is
crazy to simply walk away from Iraq. The numbers of Americans being killed
simply isn't great enough to cause them to rethink that position. Actually,
spending $3.9 billion a month to sustain this war causes far more pain to
far more Americans (and, quite possibly, the death of more Americans as
well) than the one or two deaths a day in Iraq. If anything offers the
chance for bringing large numbers of people into calling for an end to the
war, I'd say it's that.

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