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Can anyone help?

Paul F

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A reporter from a big women's magazine in the UK (Marie Clare) is doing an
article about the Middle East conflict.  They want to interview a UK
resident [or a US resident, if they can't find a UK-er] who is a relative
or friend of someone who was a casualty of the conflict [killed or injured
in it].  The casualty has to have happened while the person was engaged in
peace work, humanitarian work, or journalism.

This is an opportunity to draw attention to the attacks on internationals
in the territories.

If you know of such a person, please write directly to the journalist,
Rachael Woolston at Rachaelwoolston at aol.com


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Hi there

I am emailing with regards to an article I am writing for the UK edition of
Marie Clare magazine, which I wondered if you might be able to help me

We are looking for three people to interview, aged 20-40ish - whose
relative/partner or friend has been killed or badly injured whilst
demonstrating or volunteering for peace in the West Bank.

The aim of our article is not to push any poltical bias through the
article, but to do three first person interviews about men or women who
have been affected indirectly by the situation in the West Bank.  The
interviews will focus on how these people have overcome or come to terms
with the loss or injury of someone they love who was demonstrating for
peace in the West bank.

Ideally, I'm looking for someone who is UK based.  If you are able to help
me with this - even if it's only to pass on details of other UK Based
organisations that you know of that I might be able to contact please let
me know.

best regards
Rachael Woolston
Marie clare
020 7261 7723/07855 742195

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