An Answer from ANSWER -- SNAFU!

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Thu Jul 10 14:29:13 MDT 2003

Jim C. wrote:

>Another thing is that in the case of Vietnam, the U.S. hung on to the myth
>that they were "defending" a sovereign nation against an invading and
>separate nation in the north... In the case of Iraq, this is clearly
>and no claim is being made of defending a nation against another
>invading nation.

No, but we ARE defending the "liberated" people of Iraq against those
evil-doing "Saddam loyalists". So I would say that the appeal to American
consciences to support the war as "doing the right thing" are equally valid
(both, of course, are completely INvalid, but that's another story).

As I wrote, though, the lack of a functioning Iraqi state makes it very
difficult for the "average American" to accept the idea of simply pulling
out and leaving the Iraqis to sort out their (largely American-induced)
problems themselves.

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