How Peter Camejo refuses to attack the Democrats and Republicans

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Thu Jul 10 14:48:44 MDT 2003

Jose wrote:

>If someone thinks Camejo wasn't saying there was
>something wrong with the democrats and republicans, well, I just don't

But most of what you cited, Jose, was Camejo's criticism of Gray Davis, NOT
of the Democratic party AS A PARTY. A LOT of people criticized Gray Davis;
his DLC-style orientation is too far to the right for many Democrats, and
his absolutely blatant and extortionary fundraising from corporations rivals
that of George Bush. And no doubt Camejo knew that neither Davis nor SImon
would be marching in the MLK parade, nor had marched with MLK himself. But
there are certainly plenty of Democrats nationwide who do the former, and at
least some (John Lewis) who did the latter as well.

Corporate control of the Democrat and Republican parties was a central theme
of the Ralph Nader campaign. It was NOT a central theme of the Peter Camejo

Again, Peter did run a perfectly fine campaign and raise important,
progressive issues. But let's dispense  with the fantasy that he is really
Lenin or Fidel waiting for the right moment to seize power and advance the
cause of socialism. Go read his bio again on his website: It paints a portrait of a
progressive, green businessperson, not a political activist (nevertheless a

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