How Peter Camejo refuses to attack the Democrats and Republicans

Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Thu Jul 10 17:57:37 MDT 2003

Not to understand the political thrust of
what Peter Camejo is doing means that
one cannot meaningfully influence these
developments. Refusing to see what the
man is saying, and how he is saying it in
such a way that people can hear it and
have their minds opened further, would
be an unfortunate mistake were it made.

Eli Stephens writes:
"But let's dispense  with the fantasy that
he is really Lenin or Fidel waiting for the
right moment to seize power and advance
the cause of socialism."

Whose fantasy is this? It's certainly not
Peter's. It's always easier to knock down
a straw figure than to confront a real one.
Peter doesn't present himself as Lenin or
Fidel. That wouldn't even be humorous.
It would, indeed, be ludicrous and would
guarantee he would get NO hearing at all.

Lenin and Fidel are highly admirable folks
from MY perspective, but it would take a
good deal of political re-thinking for large
numbers of people in California today to
reach that level of understanding.

The question is not at all one of seizing
POWER, but one of seizing the moment
and knowing what to do next in the given
circumstances, not fantasied ones, Eli.

And are you sure you think Fidel is such
an admirable figure, anyway? Do advise.


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