How Peter Camejo refuses to attack the Democrats and Republicans

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Thu Jul 10 15:24:22 MDT 2003

Walter wrote:

>Eli Stephens writes:
>"But let's dispense  with the fantasy that he is really Lenin or Fidel
>waiting for the right moment to seize power and advance the cause of

>Whose fantasy is this? It's certainly not
>Peter's. It's always easier to knock down a straw figure than to confront a
>real one.
>Peter doesn't present himself as Lenin or
>Fidel. That wouldn't even be humorous.
>It would, indeed, be ludicrous and would
>guarantee he would get NO hearing at all.

No, I don't think it's Peter's. But it DOES seem to be Jose's, as expressed

"If you ask me, how does a Lenin campaign, today, in the USA, I would say
he campaigns in the way Peter did"


"If the California
gubernatorial vote is symptomatic of an inchoate, instinctive but at
bottom *class* yearning to find independent political expression, and I
do not believe any other explanation makes sense, THEN the campaigns
Peter has been running which some folks consider "low level" are exactly
right, *just as* the Moncada program projected by Fidel was exactly
right, *just as* Marx and Engels were exactly right to take to the field
in the political battles of the revolution of 1848 as *democrats*, not
as communists or proletarians.

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