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Giap, Vo Nguyen [vô nuwin' jäp]
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Giap, Vo Nguyen , 1911–, soldier and government official of North Vietnam
and later of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. A nationalist, he joined the
Vietnamese Communist party in the 1930s, later joining Ho Chi Minh in China.
Giap helped to organize the Viet Minh forces, fighting to oust the Japanese
in World War II and the French after the war; he became commander of the
Viet Minh in 1946. A master of guerrilla warfare, he was credited with the
defeat of the French at Dienbienphu (1954) and later directed the strategy
of the North in the Vietnam War, notably in the 1968 Tet offensive. In
addition to his position as commander in chief, Giap was also deputy prime
minister and minister of defense. He resigned from defense in 1980 and was
dropped from the politburo in 1982, but remained deputy prime minister until

See his Military Art of People's War: Selected Writings, ed. by R. Stetler
(1970); R. J. O'Neill, General Giap (1969); C. B. Currey, Victory at Any
Cost (1997).

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