How Peter Camejo refuses to attack the Democrats and Republicans

Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Thu Jul 10 18:39:21 MDT 2003

So all you are saying is that Jose's enthusiasm
gets a bit the better of him, but minus that, you
agree with the thrust of his analysis of Peter?
Are you really saying that it's essentially the
lack of Peter's use of the "s" word that you're
so militantly critical of him? Please clarify!

I'm getting the impression, please correct me
if I'm wrong, that you really think Peter's whole
approach is wrong, and that he should actually
try to sound or be more like Lenin or Fidel?

Perhaps you don't understand why Fidel Castro,
in HISTORY WILL ABSOLVE ME, specifically
chose to NOT lay out an explicitly socialist and
anti-capitalist program. To have done that in
Cuba of that period would have been the height
of irresponsibility. I'd suggest that you read
Lionel Martin's wonderful 1975 study of Fidel:
THE EARLY FIDEL: The Roots of Castro's
Communism (Lyle Stuart) for an explanation
of this subject.

And Fidel, of course, was only following the
same approach that Marti had followed which
is why in Cuba we say that "Jose Marti was
the intellectual author" of Cuba's Revolution.

In a wonderful 1895 letter to his Mexican
friend Manuel Mercado, Marti explained:

"I have had to work quietly and somewhat
indirectly, because to achieve certain
objectives, they must be kept under cover;
to proclaim them for what they are would
raise such difficulties that the objectives
could not be realized."

It was the Socialist Workers Party's failure
to understand this elemental political idea
that led it to the foolish position it continued
to advocate over a year after the triumph of
the Cuban Revolution.


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