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>Giap, Vo Nguyen [vô nuwin' jäp]
>Pronunciation Key
>Giap, Vo Nguyen , 1911­, soldier and government official of North Vietnam
>and later of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. A nationalist, he joined the
>Vietnamese Communist party in the 1930s, later joining Ho Chi Minh in China.
>Giap helped to organize the Viet Minh forces, fighting to oust the Japanese
>in World War II and the French after the war; he became commander of the
>Viet Minh in 1946. A master of guerrilla warfare, he was credited with the
>defeat of the French at Dienbienphu (1954) and later directed the strategy
>of the North in the Vietnam War, notably in the 1968 Tet offensive. In
>addition to his position as commander in chief, Giap was also deputy prime
>minister and minister of defense. He resigned from defense in 1980 and was
>dropped from the politburo in 1982, but remained deputy prime minister until
>See his Military Art of People's War: Selected Writings, ed. by R. Stetler
>(1970); R. J. O'Neill, General Giap (1969); C. B. Currey, Victory at Any
>Cost (1997).

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