How Peter Camejo refuses to attack the Democrats and Republicans

Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Thu Jul 10 19:35:17 MDT 2003

On the assumption you're NOT trying just
to be cutesy-pie about this, perhaps you
would care to tell us what YOU have been
doing for the last 43 years? How about just
the past ten (or more) years. I'd be a bit
curious, if you'd care to share with us.

First, your challenges make no sense and
seem disingenuous. I agree with Jose on
some things and not on others. I do not
think Peter is Fidel or Lenin. But then,
I didn't think Lenin was Fidel, nor Fidel
Peter Camejo. Peter did recruit me to the
Young Socialist Alliance (actually, it was
mostly Peter but Fidel helped out some.)

Peter is: Peter Camejo, nothing more and
nothing less. What is it you seem to have
a problem with accepting him for what he
is? I cannot speak for Peter and cannot
tell you what his plans are.

Your formulation about his "SEEMING
total lack of political activity for a decade
(or more)" simply means YOU don't know
what Peter has been up to all this time,
but you fault him for it despite your own
lack of knowledge. That's not very nice!

Frankly, the responsibility for presentation
of evidence is on the prosecutor, not on
the defense. Perhaps when you come up
with some evidence for the file you've got
on Peter, we can examine it and see what
to do with it. Or not.

Also please tell us about YOUR electoral
campaigns an experiences. I'd be interested
to know about them. I started collecting my
first signatures to put an independent on
the ballot (Clifton DeBerry and Ed Shaw
of the Socialist Workers Party, for President
and VP, in 1964. I ran for Los Angeles Unified
School Board in 1973, getting 28,000 votes.
I ran for state wide executive board of SEIU
Local 535 for over twenty years and only lost

So again, tell us what YOU 've been doing
for the past ten (or more years) and then
perhaps we can find some fault with it.


Walter Lippmann

Young Socialist Alliance, 1962-1967
Socialist Workers Party, 1967-1983
Socialist Action, 1984-1984
Fourth Internationalist Tendency, 1983-1988
Peace and Freedom Party, 1985-present
Committee to End the War in Vietnam (CEWV)
    (founding member, 1965)
Service Employees International Union, 1967-1999
Southern California Library for Social Studies
    and Research, 1985-present
American Civil Liberties Union, 1970 to present
Coalition in Solidarity with Cuba, 1995-present
CubaNews list at Yahoo, August 2000-present
Marxmail discussion list, active participant
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Iyengar Yoga Association of Southern California,


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So can I gather from this that you join with
Jose in thinking that Peter is really Fidel in
disguise, waiting for just the right moment
to lay out an explicitly socialist and
anti-capitalist program? If so, can you
explain his seeming total lack of political
activity for a decade(or more) prior to this
campaign? Is that the likely behavior of
someone whose goal is to change the world?

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