How Peter Camejo refuses to attack the Democrats and Republicans

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Thu Jul 10 16:58:22 MDT 2003

Walter writes:

>Your formulation about his "SEEMING
>total lack of political activity for a decade
>(or more)" simply means YOU don't know
>what Peter has been up to all this time, but you fault him for it despite
>your own
>lack of knowledge.

Actually I refererced Peter's bio posted on his campaign site. If there were
relevant political activity, I assume it would be there. For example if he
had been instrumental in fighting to make Cesar Chavez's birthday a state
holiday (just to pick something at random), I assume he would have included
such information.

Then he challenges me:

>So again, tell us what YOU 've been doing
>for the past ten (or more years) and then
>perhaps we can find some fault with it.

Sorry, I won't rise to that bait. Whether I've been sitting on a couch for
my entire life, or spending my entire life as a fulltime revolutionary, it
wouldn't affect the truth or falseness of what I've written. If you want to
disagree with what I've written, do so. Note again I was not finding fault
with Peter Camejo. I actually wrote that if he's been doing nothing for the
last ten years other than working and making lots of money, I have no
quarrel with that. My disagreement from the start has been not with Camejo,
or the campaign he ran, but with what I consider the mischaracterization of
that campaign, and the false illusions I think people are placing in someone
who was once "the great revolutionary hope" (my words).

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