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Craven, Jim jcraven at
Thu Jul 10 17:19:01 MDT 2003

My problem with this is that I don't think the Greens are capable of
becoming that sort of party. I really don't. From their insistance on
consensus (which I hate, despise, deplore, detest, and just plain don't
like) to their wishy-washy pseudo-pacifism, not to mention how
overwhelmingly WHITE the party is,


I think Adam is exactly correct here. In the last presidential campaign,
Nader and his supporters basically used
Winona LaDuke like a fixture or cigar-store Indian. I wondered why they
didn't try to dress her up in feathers and buckskin. Winona is an
accomplished activist/scholar in her own right but rarely would you even
hear about that or of a Nader/LaDuke ticket in the same way as Bush/Cheney
or Gore/Lieberman. Rarely would Winona share the same stage at the same time
as Nader and the Greens had not one expicit thing to say about genocide
against Indigenous Peoples--using that term genocide explicitly. And of
course, not calling genocide genocide is like calling rape consensual sex.

As far as I can see, the Greens are about petit-bourgeois "identity
politics" for a basically middle class white-bread, granola-eating and
owl-groping constituency who seem to have a problem understanding that
oppressed peoples are on the "endangered species list" too.

Jim C.

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