How Peter Camejo refuses to attack the Democrats and Republicans

Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Thu Jul 10 20:21:13 MDT 2003

What do you mean by a false illusion
and how is it different from true one?

Peter never was MY idea of a "great
revolutionary hope", only an excellent
socialist educator and agitator, though
not a great business advisor, by the
way. I lost money when it was invested
through his Paine Webber brokerage.
Peter is STILL an excellent teacher,
educator and agitator. Frankly, that
is enough for one life. I wish I were
one tenth the speaker Peter is.

The only "great revolutionary hopes"
I've ever had were Malcolm X and
Fidel Castro. They have fulfilled all
of my hopes. Gee, I'm a lucky guy!

Eli summarized:
My disagreement from the start has been
not with Camejo, or the campaign he ran,
but with what I consider the mischaracter-
ization of that campaign, and the false
illusions I think people are placing in
someone who was once "the great
revolutionary hope" (my words).

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