Camejo, elections, independent politics

Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Thu Jul 10 20:27:01 MDT 2003

Adam's description of Peter Camejo in this
manner simply means he has never ever
heard or seen Peter in person. He explains
what's wrong with this capitalist system in
more and better ways than anyone since
Debs, Robeson, DuBois or Cannon did.
But that's only an opinion after listening
to him speak for over forty years doing it.

Adam Levenstein describes Peter Camejo as:
"a millionaire running a Green campaign for
governor in an imperialist nation." [as if there
was something wrong with that.] Engels was
a capitalist who ran his parents textile factory.

He subsidized Marx so Marx didn't have to go
to a day job. Fidel Castro came from a family
whose father was a landlord and whose land
was big enough to be nationalized by the
Revolution after the triumph.

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