BBC radio interview + plea to Henry Liu

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Thu Jul 10 18:03:50 MDT 2003

Well done, Lou.

We are actually on a winner here.

Does anyone have any word about what is happening in the Arab World in
response to the Iraqi resistance?

And btw if Henry Liu is reading this in the archives, - Come back-
Now.  The situation around Korea is very dangerous.  We need to know what
is going on in China.

Here in Australia the Labor Shadow Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs is a
China Expert - Kevin Rudd.  A quite deranged fundamentalist Christian who
keeps that  very well hidden in his public appearances.  This morning he
scored quite heavily on the Government over the WMD fiasco, but on Korea he
favours aggressive action.

He must IMHO be getting his line from inside China.  In other words the
Chinese Govt seems willing to let North Korea be singled out and
victimised.  But can the Chinese leadership get away with that?



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