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You're missing the point I was trying to make.

It's not Peter's intelligence, ability to speak, or dedication to
socialism. And I wasn't criticizing Peter's being a millionaire or
being a Green.

It's the plain and simple fact that he's not Fidel or Lenin. He comes
from a different place, lives in a different society, and is playing a
completely different role.

--- Walter Lippmann <walterlx at> wrote:
> Adam's description of Peter Camejo in this
> manner simply means he has never ever
> heard or seen Peter in person. He explains
> what's wrong with this capitalist system in
> more and better ways than anyone since
> Debs, Robeson, DuBois or Cannon did.
> But that's only an opinion after listening
> to him speak for over forty years doing it.
> ==================================
> Adam Levenstein describes Peter Camejo as:
> "a millionaire running a Green campaign for
> governor in an imperialist nation." [as if there
> was something wrong with that.] Engels was
> a capitalist who ran his parents textile factory.
> He subsidized Marx so Marx didn't have to go
> to a day job. Fidel Castro came from a family
> whose father was a landlord and whose land
> was big enough to be nationalized by the
> Revolution after the triumph.

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