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Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Thu Jul 10 21:30:39 MDT 2003

Walter asks me: "What do you mean by a false illusion?"

Well, that's what you get when you cross a false hope with an illusion. :-)

And then, on a more serious note, he writes:

>[Camejo] explains
>what's wrong with this capitalist system in
>more and better ways than anyone since
>Debs, Robeson, DuBois or Cannon did.
>But that's only an opinion after listening
>to him speak for over forty years doing it.

And hopefully you won't think I'm being "cutesy-pie" when I ask in all
seriousness: When is the last time you heard him do so (in public, anyway)?
My guess is that it was a long time ago.

Although explanations of "what's wrong with this capitalist system" aren't
necessarily appropriate to a Green Party campaign, as I've written before
the combination of an impending war against Iraq and the most serious budget
crisis in California history presented a perfect opportunity to talk about
imperialism in ways that would have been perfectly appropriate to the GP,
and not inconsistent with the principles of the California Green Party. But
unfortunately, it's an opportunity that Peter didn't take advantage of, and
it's my major criticism of his campaign. I think he would have got MORE
votes had he put opposition to the war front and center in his campaign. He
chose not to do so.

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