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Mark Lause MLause at
Thu Jul 10 21:47:38 MDT 2003

Camejo was a reasonably good synthesizer of what other people researched
and wrote about.  I'd urge interested people to read Eric Foner's work,

If you learned that much more than you did in years of taking history
classes, it argues for employing teachers that actually know something
about it.  There are almost no requirements for getting certified to
teach history in elementary and high schools.  It used to be something
like one course beyond a college survey in Illinois.  Coaches, drivers
ed teachers, etc. would get certified in the field.

People who took a lot of courses in history were less likely to meet the
more stringent requirements for doing what the schools view as
important...and will, therefore, be far less likely to land a job
teaching history.

Mark L.

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