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I am inviting you to read the new-look Socialist Future Review magazine (see
contents below). This issue is devoted to analysing the political
consequences and challenges that flow from the US-UK invasion and occupation
of Iraq. 

We are now in the 11th year of publishing the magazine, which has always set
out to stimulate discussion and take the political debate forward. In our
view, there are real possibilities in the current climate and we try to
bring them out in the articles.

Socialist Future Review is one of the few journals that is devoted to
analysing the complex and contradictory world of corporate-led
globalisation. Your support is important in maintaining our circulation and
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Editorial - Regime change begins at home
The invasion and occupation of Iraq by US and British armed forces, carried
out despite the largest co-ordinated protest against war in history, is a
definite turning point in the affairs of humanity, as the articles in this
special issue of Socialist Future Review try to explain. It signals a new
period of imperialist wars and social revolution, the outcome of which will
decide the subsequent fate of the planet

The use and abuse of the United Nations

The United Nations has no other option than to accept the dominant role of
American imperialism as the main upholder of the economic and political
stability of global capital. This was what prompted the strategists of the
Bush administration to calculate that any UN opposition to war with Iraq
would be temporary and shallow.

The quest for an Islamic enlightenment

Ziauddin Sardar’s overarching project is to transform Islam and the west
both from within and without. Sardar argues for a form of Islam and a
balance of civilisations which could lead to an alternative future to that
being offered by today’s leaders of the major states. The question is,
however, does his critique provide a truly in-depth examination of the
dogmas he is challenging?

The ‘Big Lie’ machine devouring America

The logic of the "Big Lie" is that people will accept a lie as truth if it
is big enough and is told often enough by authoritative sources. The Bush
regime is manipulating the US population into an epoch of imperialist war.
By Professor Peter McLaren, at the University of California, with Greg

Policing the world for the corporations

The Project for a New American Century sets out to uphold American
imperialist political supremacy as the global cop of global capital.

Leadership and the anti-war movement

The American and UK governments were determined to carry on with their
aggressive political approach, regardless of the level of protests generated
against it. This created a real challenge for the anti-war movement and all
those in struggle against the Bush-Blair axis.

The Road Map to hell and back

The two-state solution put forward in the US-proposed "Road Map" has no
future. The Israeli state is no longer viable, either economically or
politically, while the Palestinians do not even have a state to call their
own. The way forward must lie in a radically different approach, based on an
appeal to both Jews and Palestinians to develop a common way forward within
a single state. 

Kurds wait on favours from America

Some recent commentators, both Kurds and non-Kurds, have claimed that the
recent war waged against Iraq will have positive benefits for the Kurdish
people. If this is so, it would be the first time in the history that the
Kurds have gained anything from a foreign power. Their struggle has been and
will continue to be one of disappointment and betrayal by imperialism.

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