Einstein's Clocks

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Fri Jul 11 11:06:24 MDT 2003

On June 24 Lüko Willms wrote:

> Thank you for that fascinating piece of reading. 

i have since found some more on Galison's work. you can read a long
and illuminating interview here:

as well as an hour long lecture Galison gave at UC Santa Barbara:


whre Galison works thru the first half of Einstein's special
relativity paper linking in the historical observations on timekeeping
practices of the era.

> As Frederick Engels remarked so nicely, one practical problem
> advances science more than 10 universities, pointing out how the
> necessity of regulating the rivers coming down from the Alpes
> mountains advanced the science of hydrostatics (?) (Torricelli etc)
> in Italy of the 16th and 17th centuries ("Dialectics of Nature", and
> his letter to W. Borgius dated January 25, 1894).

someone, maybe it was the physicist Max Born, remarked that via the
science of hydrostatics came the notion that the air around us had
real weight, a tangible case of making the invisible visible.

les schaffer

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