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Fri Jul 11 11:35:58 MDT 2003

Louis wrote:

Here's an interesting article on how John Kerry became an antiwar "leader."

In her book "Secrets of the Tomb: Skull and Bones, The Ivy League and the
Hidden Paths to Power" Alex Robbins relays a story about a potential recruit
(Jacob Weisberg who became editor of Slate) to Skull and Bones who had
rejected the offer. John Kerry's office called the guy up and asked him to
meet with the Senator but did not say about what. Kerry proceeded to pitch
Skull and Bones with vigor and tried to recruit him; it failed. But it is
clear that he still a player in Skull and Bones who by the way, deliberately
recruit some non-in-bred-non-"blue-blood" and even nominally "rdical" types
or token minorities in order to "cover the spread" of possible results and
nominal ideologies. Kerry is known to this day as an ardent and eager
recruiter for Skull and Bones and actually is more active in it than

Next election, it might likely be Skull and Bones candidate A versus Skull
and Bones candidate B

Jim C

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