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Fri Jul 11 13:10:00 MDT 2003

Very interesting discussion, indeed.

[Adam writes, in his discussion with Jose]

All of the energy that has gone into Peter's campaign has NOT gone into the
Green Party. The Green Party has *completely failed* to pick up on it
beyond Peter's campaign.
I ask you again--what has the Party done between elections? You have to
admit that the answer lies somewhere between jack and diddly squat.

Adam, here are some stata in regard to the GP (from an article I wrote on
Nov. 18, 2002 for Swans):

It's a party that got almost 6 Million votes in 40 states in the 2002 mid-term
elections (a week ago). It's a party of which 5 candidates received over a
quarter million votes and 11 over 100,000. Six of their elected candidates
received over 10,000 votes. It's a party that was overwhelmingly successful in
California. Its candidate for Governor beat the Republican Bill Simon in San
Francisco and Northern California by healthy margins. It's a grass-roots party
that has grown steadily since its inception. To demonstrate: 

Summary 1996
82 Candidates in 1996
17 States
28 Types of Offices
25 Victories 

Summary 1998
125 Candidates
20 States
34 Types of Offices
29 Victories 

Summary 2000
283 Candidates
35 States
50 Types of Offices
48 Victories 

Summary 2002
544 Candidates
40 States
79 Types of Offices
69 Victories

Jose is correct in regard to the polls that showed Peter Camejo with 9pct
(actually I think I saw 10pct) of the CA vote while he received almost *no*
coverage on TV and the press (except in SF) and little funding. These were
remarkable numbers. There is a reservoir of dissent out there...

Last year, Jose referred to Peter as "red inside, green outside," a very
appropriate observation...

The GP may not be the perfect vehicle but it seems that at this time it's the
only vehicle that has *some* viability if one wants to break ranks with the
bicephalous system.

Gilles d'Aymery

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