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> [Gilles]
> Adam, here are some stata in regard to the GP (from an article I
> wrote on
> Nov. 18, 2002 for Swans):

<snip quotes on what the GP has done in elections>

None of which answers:

>> I ask you again--what has the Party done between elections? You have
>> to
>> admit that the answer lies somewhere between jack and diddly squat.

Genuine movements--as opposed to "just parties"--are not measured in
what they've done in elections, but what happens *between* elections.

What is the nature of the GP's non-election activity? Nothing.

Do you know how you become a Green Party candidate? Jose and I
witnessed this process at the last Annual Meeting of the local Party a
few months ago. You become an Official Green Party Candidate by saying
that you want to run. (For the higher-profile offices, like governor or
President, there is an approval process through the state/national

You can be a Green Party candidate without being involved in the party
at all. Hell, Nader's not even a member. The Party itself barely
exists. Any success GP candidates have had is because of the campaigns
they run, *not* because of the Party.

> The GP may not be the perfect vehicle but it seems that at this time
> it's the
> only vehicle that has *some* viability if one wants to break ranks
> with the
> bicephalous system.

I don't think it *is* a vehicle--it's more of a scooter.

To become the type of party Jose is talking about--a party of the
working class--it would require changing the entire nature of the GP.
Maybe Peter can facilitate that change, but I'm not holding my breath.

I don't disagree with the idea that we should be working with GP
campaigns as a break with the Republicrat party, but let's not fool
ourselves into thinking that the Greens are some dynamic movement that
have the ability to transform into some revolutionary militant
organization. They're not, and they don't. We can look at Camejo's
campaign until the cows come home, but let's be honest with
ourselves--the Party itself is a white, petty-bourgeois, liberal
organization. And unless Peter can somehow, magically, take the reigns
of the organization and reinvent it, I don't think the Greens will ever
become anything else.


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