US & China was Re: Deflation

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sat Jul 12 02:16:59 MDT 2003

>  US strategy is to seize control of West and Central Asia before
> presumably confronting China, as it must, but this doesn't solve the
> underlying problem and in fact only politicises the crisis, allowing an
> opening for radicalisation and revolution.

Thank you for this Nick.  Will try and get to grips with it!  But I note
the above with special interest.  Is this why we are having a Korean crisis.

The bourgeoisie here or at least the Govt seems to be throwing  in their
lot with the USa against China.  As I mentioned in a previous post I have
been especially struck by the position of Kevin Rudd, the Labor Party
Shadow Foreign Affairs spokesman.  He has joined the attack on Korea.

He has extensive contacts I believe in China.  They must be tipping him off
that the Chinese Govt does not intend to defend Korea.  In other words, if
you are correct Nick, China is retreating at this stage of the conflict
with the USA.

Where oh where is Henry Liu??



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