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Of course, organic knowledge about this problem has been available to the
NYT and anyone else interested for the last couple of years. Once I began
working more widely in Southern Africa around 1998, I heard of a group in
Lilongwe, the Malawi Economic Justice Network, which an old Belgian Jesuit
helped set up. Over the last five years, they have gone from strength to
strength, including helping to break the story on how winning IMF/WB debt
relief entailed sale of their strategic grain reserves so that commercial
bank loans could be repaid in full. They are also bound up in local
democracy campaigning, which can be dangerous in that setting, given the
repressive apparatus that Banda left in place. Moreover, local activists
like Collins Magalisi are now often also amongst the militant of the
regional anti-capitalist leaders, and generally have no qualms about
identifying themselves as such. Several comrades associated with the group
are coming back to Jo'burg on Monday for a week of strategising on how to
win reparations for apartheid-caused suffering (plenty as far north as
Malawi) and to take down the World Bank through promoting the Bonds Boycott
and similar abolitionist campaigns. You comrades on the list should consider
giving this maximum energy and support: http://www.worldbankboycott.org

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>    It [the article's plan] extends toward wealthier nations and their
>    shared institutions -- the World Bank and the International
>    Monetary Fund. It travels the uncertain ups and downs of global
>    commodity prices and currency valuations -- and of course passes
>    into the limited access roads of humanity's conscience.

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