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High Stakes Testing has become a mantra of U.S. conservative "education
reform." However, the factors affecting education are extremely complex and
will not be solved by testing and a so-called return to basics. In the long
run, lies and deceits in this area may become as embarrassing to the right
wing as the failure to find the Weapons of Mass Destruction.

"We go from 1,000 Freshman to less than 300 Seniors with no dropouts," Dr.
Kimball wrote. "Amazing!" The school went on to officially report that it
had no dropouts, insisting even after a district official questioned the
claim at a school with "74.7 of the students at risk."

In Texas, schools are judged based on standardized examination scores,
attendance and dropout rates. At Sharpstown, the entire staff received cash
bonuses for the school's performance the year Jerroll Tyler said he was
forced out.

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