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This email from the Camejo campaign was originally forwarded to a
Solidarity list serv, and I thought it would be of interest here. 

On our debate, with Adam's latest point, I think we have pretty
thoroughly clarified our different takes on this, and yet one more
response on my part would simply be repetitive. Something similar could
be said about my parallel discussion with Eli and others.

I suggest we try to follow this Camejo/Green campaign in California
closely. The facts on the ground will help further clarify things.


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UPDATE 7/10/03

Camejo Campaigns in the Latino Community

An AP story went out prior to our June 30th press conference announcing 
that Peter would run again if the recall gets on the ballot. Papers 
throughout California picked up the AP story.

Peter was immediately invited on a one hour talk show in the largest 
Spanish language program in Los Angeles. The program host, Alicia 
Alarcon, started the program by saying, "With us tonight is the man I am

going to vote for for Governor". In a shorter radio program in Spanish 
in San Francisco, it became clear that the new support from the Latino 
Community for the Green
Party is still there.

On June 19th this became even more clear as several hundred Mexican 
American workers marched in San Jose including a large VOTE GREEN sign. 
Monitors on the march went up and down the line shouting, "We must vote 
for Camejo, Vote Green, the Party that defends us". At the march was 
Senator Gilbert Cedillo, a hero to the activists in the battle for the 
driver's license.
Cedillo, in front of radio, TV and newspapers said, "I have known Peter 
for years and I respect and admire his efforts for our people." At the 
end of the demonstration a large cheer went up from the demonstrators 
when they were asked to support the recall and throw Davis out of 

On July 3 Peter visited with Lieutenant Governor Cruz M. Bustamante. 
Attending the meeting were two members of Centro Azteca and Tyler 
Snortum Phelps of the Green Campaign. Bustamante made it clear he 
supports the driver's license and is also working to raise the minimum 
wage. Peter invited Bustamante to join with him at the upcoming march in

Fresno for the driver's license. He thanked Bustamante for his efforts 
behind those points that Greens and Bustamante agree on such as the 
minimum wage issue and the driver's license. The meeting was amiable and

hopefully will lead to further discussions, especially should Bustamante

become governor. This could happen if Davis resigns under pressure of 
low poll numbers.


The Greenlining Institute, a non-partisan coalition of community groups 
supporting people of color, engages in research around issues related to

specific communities. Peter, accompanied by Daniel Cabrera and Greg Jan,

met with about 20 of the Greenlining staff and interns. The interns 
critiqued some of the figures and points Peter would be making in the 
campaign and provided invaluable information on issues such as housing 
and the impact of Proposition 13. The Greenlining Institute offers its 
information and resources to help educate political figures from all 
points of view. 


Joining Peter at the June 30th press conference to formally announce the

Camejo for Governor campaign was a group of prestigious labor and 
community leaders. One of the most exciting was a report from Caroline 
Lund, a worker at the NUMMI Plant (General Motors and Toyota) in Fremont

California. Caroline explained how on March 13 Governor Davis gave NUMMI

a 6.4 million dollar gift of state funds, at the same time that he is 
proposing cutbacks in education funding. After a press conference Davis 
wanted to walk through the plant, but the workers booed his advance 
people out of the plant as they shouted "You cut from education to make 
gifts to corporations!"

The gift is supposedly for worker training. The management at NUMMI 
actually makes workers sign a statement that they have received 
training, when in fact there is no training. Caroline refused to lie and

sign the statement. Caroline is a Trustee of the UAW and in the most 
recent union election got the second highest vote in the over 
5,000-worker plant. The management
threatened to make her work Saturdays if she didn't sign. She refused. 
At the press conference she explained how some union leaders try to make

it appear that all workers are Democrats, but that is not true. She 
pointed out that many workers like her have started voting Green.

Also at the press conference was African American union leader Ron Dicks

from IFPTE Local 21. Ron spoke in support of comments by Donna Warren on

the issue of three strikes and the explosive growth of prisons. (Prisons

have gone from 3% of the budget to 12%).

Ed Rosenthal, probably the most famous fighter for medical marijuana, 
was present to endorse Peter for his positions in the fight for a 
rational policy towards drug addiction and to decriminalize marijuana. 
Dr. Agha Saeed, President of the American Muslim Alliance, declared his 
support for
Peter and the commitment to defend civil liberties for all. Chris 
Kavanagh, an elected official from Berkeley, came to declare his support

for Peter, joining Matt Gonzalez the President of the San Francisco 
Board of Supervisors who introduced Peter.

Peter presented two charts to show how the poor are taxed at a higher 
rate than the rich and how the present deficit need not have happened at

all given the enormous surplus of income the State has received over the

last five years. KPFA did a great job in summarizing the press 
conference and their report was played both the evening of June 30th and

the morning of July 1. Reports appeared in many major newspapers 
including the San Jose Mercury News which repeated Peter's phrase 
"political suicide pact", referring to the Democrats who have pledged 
not to run, leaving only Camejo to stop the Republicans.


A detailed LA Times poll of July 2nd showed some rather interesting 
figures for the Greens. If no Democrat runs, among independents and 
those calling themselves "liberal", Peter at present is neck and neck 
with Richard Riordon. Peter is at 18 and 19 percent of the vote in those

two categories, beating Schwarzenegger, Simon, McClintock and Issa and 
just 1% and 3% behind
the front-runner Riordan. Among Democrats, Peter is only at 8%. 
Democrats prefer Riordan, and Schwarzenegger over Peter but he is still 
ahead of Simon, McClintock and Issa.

Among Republican voters Peter falls to the bottom of the list at 2%.

This poll shows the strength Greens have among liberal and independent 
Californians. Peter's name recognition is higher than treasurer Phil 
Angelides and is closing in on the level of Garamendi and Bustamante as 
well as Republicans like Issa and McClintock.

If all the candidates being considered run, including many Democrats and

Republicans, Diane Feinstein walks away with the governorship at 25%, 
double the support of Riordan and Schwarznegger who come in at 11%. All 
other candidates including Camejo fall sharply to levels at 1% to 6%, 
except for Simon who comes in fourth at 9%. Lockyer and Angelides, the 
frontrunners of the Democrats for the nomination in 2006, average the 
same support as Peter.


For almost an hour Peter debated Bill Simon on a major conservative talk

show out of Sacramento, the Eric Hogue show on KTKZ. Peter called for a 
fair tax in which the poor do not pay more than the rich. He pointed out

that corporations today pay 7% of the tax revenues when 20 years ago 
they paid 14%. Bill Simon said that was due to corporations leaving the 
State of


Peter and congressman Dennis Kucinich, the progressive Democratic Party 
presidential candidate, both spoke at the Sonoma County Health and 
Harmony Festival. Afterwards Dennis and Peter had a chance to get to 
know each other on the drive down to Marin where Dennis addressed a 
couple hundred supporters of his campaign. Peter was welcomed for his 
attendance at the rally. Peter explained that as a Green Party candidate

he will not endorse a candidate in another party's primary, but he 
recognizes that Dennis has been a consistent supporter of our 
Constitution and Bill of Rights, opposing the USA PATRIOT Act and has 
supported many other issues crucial to the Green Party.
The host of the Kucinich rally reminded everyone that Peter will soon be

running for Governor again and that he deserves support. Kucinich 
thanked Peter in his comments for his efforts in California.


We will try to bring you updates by email on the developments of the 
campaign. A mailing to over 2,000 campaign supporters just went out 
asking for some initial funds to get the campaign going.

Please send donations to Camejo for Governor at PO Box 32102, Oakland CA


Thursday the 10th Peter will be in Fresno at a 5:00 p.m. march with the 
Latino community. The march starts at Fulton & Tulare.

Our Southern California campaign will be co-chaired by Donna Warren, our

outstanding candidate for Lieutenant Governor in 2002. Donna continues 
to take the lead in the struggle to amend the cruel and unconstitutional

Three Strikes law. For further SoCal information email Donna Warren at 
cottry at w... If you want to form a campaign committee in your area call 
Tyler at 925-521-1330.

On July 13th Peter will speak at a gathering of Green Party activists in

Santa Rosa sponsored by the Green Party of California's Campaigns & 
Candidates Working Group.

We are eagerly seeking a web-savvy volunteer to help us develop our 
website and we are also looking for all kinds of volunteers for other 
essential projects. Email tyler at v... if you are prepared to donate time,

especially during the day. Thank you.

Peter Camejo

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