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Sat Jul 12 16:38:39 MDT 2003

Professional note on the use of initials:

Historically, written instructions for the operations of a train, called
"train orders," were issued and authorized over the initials of the train
dispatcher.  The body of the order would be followed by the initials of the
dispatcher, and the time the order was issued, also abbreviated as COM.  All
this has to do of course, with the fact that such written, centralized,
dispatches to trains already in motion became possible only  with the
telegraph and who wants to key every last letter?

Instructions of a general sort, lasting more than twelve hours, generally,
and applying to all train movements in a or multiple locations where
generally issued in written bulletin orders.  The body of these orders was
authorized by the signature of the division superintendent, transmitted as
the first initial of the first and middle names and the entire last name.

dms,  DM Schanoes

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