Is Bush's support imploding?

Mark Lause MLause at
Sat Jul 12 15:48:21 MDT 2003

The most reliable sources on public opinion are probably still those of
the Gallup organization.  These make a lot of information available on
their website.  Yes, support is falling for
Bush's Iraq policy, but probably because of the declining economic
conditions at home. Support for Blair has fallen much farther. (See ICM

American public support for intervention in Liberia remains strong,
though I'd not bet much that those who want to intervene there could
find it on a globe with both hands.  So, perhaps a fifth of the country
is bored with Iraq and wants another new show.

The wording is something like "Was/is the United States correct in
taking military action in ----?"  It's also interesting that they've
continued to ask the question about Vietnam, and the numbers responding
"Yes" has lurched upwards every time we do one of these invasions--it's
easily a majority now.  Since the US justification was premised on the
idea that the loss of Vietnam would lead to the domino effect, Soviet
expansion across the region, and a major U.S. defeat in the Cold War, I
have no idea what sort of drugs the respondants might be on.

There are real differences between ethnic groups, age and region in
American opinions.  Young white males (and largely females) are
disproportionately like Bush, as does the South and the West.  The war
is not supported by most over 65, and is not nearly as popular among the


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