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Derek, I am sending this along to the list. They will find it interesting 
I'm sure. I don't think I have the same opinion of Solidarity that I had a 
while back, in light of their refusal to back the Landy petition as an 
organization. I will get back to you and the list on the FI stuff after 
I've had a chance to look at it.

>Hey Louis,
>I´ve been meeting up with some youth of the two
>spanish FI affiliated groups (who are in the process
>of merging). I am incrediblly impressed with their
>(and the rest of the FI´s) outlook, focused on
>regroupment, non-sectarianism towards the rest of the
>left, and a general openness of the type that you, I,
>and many others on the list deaire to see.
>The spanish groups are small, but when they get
>together they´ll actually be doing quite well in terms
>of size and potential to grow. But they are nothing
>compared to what is going on in France and Italy, with
>the LCR, Communist Refoundation, and the like. It
>sounds as if the LCR is truly a mass party, taken as a
>very serious threat by the French liberal left, and
>that it´s future only looks brighter.
>I was reading the FI´s documents from their conference
>a few months ago, and it seems like they´re really
>taking a new approach, much in line with some of your
>thoughts on organizational strategy: pluralistic with
>coexistence of opposing ideas, a desire to act as a
>non-parasitical current in the wider European
>anti-capitalist movement, a general disdain for
>uncritical regurgitation for old Trotskyist dogma, and
>an un-fetishizing attitude towards the tradition of
>the fouth international (they seem to agree that a new
>international situation has arisen, that a new
>international will arise out of it, and moreover, that
>the Trotskyist experiment of the 20th century is
>something of the past-- with many valuable lessons and
>heroic moments, but now an anachronism nonetheless).
>I don´t know if you saw their  resolution from the
>   (you have to go to their
>May 2003 edition, and click on the article ´Relaunch,
>Reproup, and Reposition´).
>Anyhow, this is all really interesting and refreshing
>for me. I´d be interested to know what you think about
>all this since these developments seem to be along the
>lines of things you´ve advocated-- and taken heed to
>the problems and criticism of Trotskyism, which you
>also hold. It´s all the more important because some of
>the groups of the FI really have become serious groups
>or parties with real influence, rather than aspiring
>I´ll be attending a week long FI youth conference in
>Portugal later this month. Delegations from just about
>every European country will be there, discussions will
>be translated into six languages, and every day will
>be packed with discussion and debate facing the
>european socialist movement. I´ll be sure to send you
>a good report to put on the list.
>Truth is, I know very little about all this right now,
>but after a month I will know much, much more.
>Also, you said this about Solidarity in a post a few
>months ago:
>-They function more or less as a fully ideologically
>elaborated current that seeks to add cadre. This is
>not what is needed in my opinion.-
>Can you clarify what you mean? I am trying to take a
>new look at Solidarity after my discussions with the
>people here. They really look to them as the best
>potential hope in the US, if they can just overcome a
>few things (more discussion on this later).
>Your welcome to forward this to the list and answer it
>there, if you´d like. Perhaps other folks would have
>more to say.
>In solidarity,

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