Reading opinion polls, (& McCarthyism is a myth)

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Sat Jul 12 17:36:04 MDT 2003

Jose didn't point out the most telling evidence that polls are a total

b. The economy

                Approve     Disapprove     No opinion
7/10/03           47            49              4

Now how on earth ANYONE other than, say, Ann Coulter, could say with a
straight face that they "approve of the way Bush is handling the economy" is
beyond me. OK, let's throw in the 10% of Americans who are getting tens of
thousands of dollars off their tax bill. That still doesn't put you anywhere
near 47%. It's simply a preposterous number. Whether it's the polling
sample, the way the questions are asked, the lumping together of "strongly"
and "mildly" approve, I don't know, but it sure doesn't reflect any reality
I can see. Even to describe Bush as "handling" the economy at all is a
pretty dubious assertion.

As an aside, waiting in the supermarket checkout line today I picked up Time
magazine and happened to flip to an interview with Ann Coulter which I see
is online as well
Here's a delightful excerpt:

So what's the new book about?
The idea of the book is that  liberals have a tendency to take the position
most  disadvantageous to their country. This isn't anything new. They  have
taken patriotism off the table as a topic for political  debate. And they've
done that by invoking McCarthyism, a myth of  their own creation.

Are you prepared for people to freak out when they realize you're  trying to
rehabilitate Joseph McCarthy?
On the basis of doing my  research, I've noticed that liberals have been
hysterical about  McCarthy for 50 years and no one's been arguing back. So
now that  someone's arguing back, yes, I'm expecting candlelight vigils.

Don't you wish Time magazine would give a full page to [insert favorite
left-wing commentator here]?

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