Support Letwin's UFPJ Proposal: Bring the Troops Home

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Sat Jul 12 19:56:26 MDT 2003

Here's a proposal for a campaign to Bring the Troops Home & End the 
Occupation that Michael Letwin of NYCLAW presented to the UFPJ 
Steering Committee meeting.

>To: UFPJ National Steering Committee
>Fr: Michael Letwin, New York City Labor Against the War; UFPJ-NYC
>Administrative Committee
>Re: Proposal for Campaign to Bring the Troops Home Now/End the 
>Occupation of Iraq!
>Since UFPJ's national conference in June, the Iraq Occupation's 
>human and financial costs have become rapidly apparent.
>These include ballooning Iraqi resistance, U.S. and Iraqi 
>casualties, G.I. and military family anger at the Bush 
>administration, expose of the administration's WMD deceptions, and 
>twice the previous government-estimated price-tag ($4b/m).
>In other words, the Occupation is rapidly becoming a serious--and 
>apparently unsolvable--political liability for the administration.
>I propose that this Saturday's UFPJ Steering Committee meeting 
>respond by initiating the campaign presented in the Northeast Ohio 
>Anti-War Coalition's July 8 Call for Unity of the U.S. Anti-War 
>Movement under the central slogan: "Bring the Troops Home Now/End 
>the Occupation of Iraq!"  [see below].
>This would serve many purposes, including:
>1.  A badly-needed, increasingly viable central focus that addresses 
>the war abroad and at home, around which to organize our many action 
>2.  Re-mobilization of antiwar activists who became demoralized 
>and/or disoriented after the war began.
>3.  New and stronger ties with, and support for, anti-Occupation 
>sentiment among GIs/military families, who are overwhelmingly 
>working class and disproportionately people of color.
>4.  Ties with the Iraqi anti-Occupation movement.
>5.  Pursuit of our commitment to seek joint work with other antiwar 

Before I received Michael's proposal, I sent my own plea for a 
campaign to Bring the Troops Home Now to some members of the UFPJ 
Steering Committee whose contact information I had at hand (as well 
as various anti-war coalitions, organizations, listservs, etc.). 
Ajamu Dillahunt of Black Solidarity Against the War wrote me back 
saying that he hopes that UFPJ will initiate such a campaign.

At 10:07 PM -0400 7/11/03, Ajamu Dillahunt wrote:
>Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 22:07:14 -0400
>From: Ajamu Dillahunt <ardillahunt at>
>Subject: Re: Initiate a Campaign to Bring Soldiers Home _Now_
>X-Sender: ardillahunt/ at
>To: Yoshie Furuhashi <furuhashi.1 at>
>Thanks for sending this. I will get it around to folks. i hope the 
>meeting this weekend agrees to take up some version of a "Bring the 
>troops home, end the occupation campaign". Unfortunately, i won't be 
>able to attend but folks that i have talked to from our region will 
>be getting behind this idea.

I've also received notes of agreement from Bill Fletcher of the 
TransAfrica Forum and Jeff McKenzie of Military Families Speak Out, 
among others.

If you think that the Letwin proposal is good, you might contact the 
UFPJ Steering Committee and Staff and tell them that you support it:

UFPJ National Steering Committee

These thirty-five people were elected at the June 2003 United for 
Peace and Justice National Strategy Conference to serve as UFPJ's 
national steering committee:

Frank Ackles, Veterans For Peace
Andrea Buffa, Global Exchange, <andrea at>
Leslie Cagan, Pacifica Foundation, <lesliecagan at>
Kelly Campbell, September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, 
<kelly at>
Patricia Clark, Fellowship of Reconciliation, <pclark at>
Saulo Colon, Vieques Support Campaign
Julio César de Tapia, People for Peace and Justice of Utah
Ajamu Dillahunt, Black Solidarity Against the War, <ardillahunt at>
Lisa Fithian, RANT, <fithianl at>
Bill Fletcher, TransAfrica Forum, <bfletcher at>
George Friday, Independent Progressive Politics Network
Jen Geiger, Women's Int'l League for Peace and Freedom, <jengeiger at>
Van Gosse, Historians Against the War, <van.gosse at>
Graylan Hagler, Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ, 
<gshagler at>
Rebecca Kaiser, Nebraskans for Peace, <sos2003 at>
Deb Kory, Tikkun Magazine and Community, <kory at>
Judith LeBlanc, Communist Party, <jleblanc at>
Eun Sook Lee, Young Koreans United/USA, <yku at>
Michael Letwin, NYC Labor Against the War, <mletwin at>
Rahul Mahajan, Nowar Collective/Austin Coalition, <rahulm at>
Jessica Marshall, National Youth and Student Peace Coalition, 
<jase at>
Kevin Martin, Peace Action, <kmartin at>
George Martin, Milwaukee Coalition for a Just Peace, <pamilw at>
Rania Masri, Institute for Southern Studies, <rania at>
Ignacio Meneses, National Network on Cuba, <laborexchange at>
Gale Murphy, Code Pink, <gael at>
Amy Newell, U.S. Labor Against the War, <amynewell at>
Kai Newkirk, STARC Alliance (Students Transforming and Resisting 
Corporations), <nkn99 at>
Efia Nwangaza, Not In Our Name Project, <wangaza at>
Baltazar Pinguel, American Friends Service Committee, <BPinguel at>
Amy Quinn, Institute for Policy Studies, <a-quinn at>
Josh Ruebner, US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, <jruebner at>
Damu Smith, Black Voices for Peace, <action at>
Bob Wing, War Times, <2bobwing at>
Shirley H. Young, Military Families Speak Out, <shirleyhyoung at>

The interim co-chairs of the UFPJ are Leslie Cagan, Bob Wing, Bill 
Fletcher, and George Friday.

Members of a subcommittee to "do an overall review of the 
action-related proposals and decisions made at the conference," 
developing "recommendations for how to move forward and what working 
groups to establish based on the expressed priorities at the 
conference and UFPJ's organizational capacity, including its 
financial resources" are Judith LeBlanc (co-coordinator), Leslie 
Kauffman (co-coordinator) <laklak at>, Lisa Fithian 
(co-coordinator), Michael Letwin, Rahul Majahan, Efia Nwangaza, Amy 
Quinn, Andrea Buffa, Kai Newkirk, Eun Sook Lee, Hany Khalil 
<hanykhalil at>, Shirley Young, and George Martin.

* Calendars of Events in Columbus: 
<>, & <>
* Student International Forum: <>
* Committee for Justice in Palestine: <>
* Al-Awda-Ohio: <>
* Solidarity: <>

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