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To Maripower

Well, I do not understand in what we disagree. Plunder in colonial times was
legal, just as slavery. Originary accumulation may be legal or illegal. And
to answer just with a quote of Marx is below your standards as I see them in
your other posts. In the times of Marx there was no organised crime as now
and thieves just consumed the produce of their thefts, they did not apply it
as capital.
I am not familiar enough with American slang to know what is a "neck man".
Thank you for your attention.
Renato Pompeu

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First I am in violation of policy and sent too many replies for one day. Lou
gives me a break because my hearts good and I love the comrades, even when
being intolerable. Last writing for today. If necessary Lou, I will purge
for a day or too.

I understood what you meant about crime and Marx does a piece on crime in
of the Volumes of Theory of Surplus Value. I want to say Volume 2 and he
talks about the thief and the locksmith and how property relations creates
form of capital circulation based on itself. Capital is the highest form of
organized crime. I think we need to call this "thing" illegal capital
accumulation but whoever can buy the person in power makes the illegal
legal. I felt you

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