NYTimes.com Article: Verizon Is Told

gdunkel at mindspring.com gdunkel at mindspring.com
Sun Jul 13 20:18:13 MDT 2003

Arbitrators are part of the judicial system.  Just like the Supreme Court
overturned Texas's sodomy laws and ruled that some forms of affirmative
action are not illegal, sometimes arbitrators will affirm that the company
did not obey the contract.

Especially when:
	-- the company is extremely profitable ($4.08 billion last fiscal year
        with top execs getting tens of millions)

	-- services that major corporations, banks, financial institutions rely
	   on to move their data are crappy

	-- CWA's contract is up Aug 2 and they will indeed strike and if
	   Verizon does not make a few concessions the strike will be long
	    and service will detgeriorate even more. They have held two major
	    and militant demonstrations over the layoffs.

Verizon has so trimmed the benefits and pensions of its retired
supervisors that it is having trouble recruiting them as scabs, according
to a news report I just saw on the CWA1101 website.

Arbitrators are going to give the union some victories when the union
fights to get them.  That is my explanation of why the CWA won.

Here is the URL for the CWA website if you want more info:



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