Is Bush's support imploding?

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at
Sun Jul 13 08:49:21 MDT 2003

> One of these days I'll learn how to post some
> of his ancient speeches from the sixties and
> you'll be able to compare them. I have tapes
> of talks going all the way back to the early 60s.


In all seriousness, a number of people here--including myself--know how
to do this. If you want to launch such a project--an online audio
archive of Peter's talks--I'd be happy to help out.

> Though Californians are lucky that the Green
> Party is on the ballot there, we look forward
> to your enthusiastically helping build support
> for Peter's Green Party campaigns for both
> California Governor and US president should
> my dreams come true! Please just don't put
> all your doubts about what might happen
> afterwards out at the fund-raising meetings...

If you want Peter to run for Prez, better start nagging him. He's been
asked, and said "no."


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