The New York Times disappears Camejo's candidacy

Jose G. Perez jg_perez at
Sun Jul 13 10:42:53 MDT 2003

I sent the following to the New York Times Corrections department this
morning. The original was a formatted email, with the material appearing
here between asterisks showing in italics instead.

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In the Week in Review article, "Old-Fashioned Democracy in a Thoroughly
Modern State" by Michael Ventura,
( the
following paragraph appears:

"The Davis recall effort took off after Representative Darrell E. Issa,
Republican of California, reportedly donated more than $1 million of his
own money to a group to hire organizers. Canvassers will be paid one
dollar for every authenticated signature. *Mr. Issa is now the only
announced candidate.*"

The *emphasized* sentence is not correct, as anyone can easily determine
for themselves by doing a quick internet search. I immediately hit on
this story, "Foes of California's Governor Say Recall Vote Is a
Certainty" by John M. Broder.

"The only candidate besides Mr. Issa who has said he will run for
governor in a recall election is Peter Camejo, the Green Party candidate
for governor last fall. A number of other prominent names have been
mentioned as possible candidates, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, the
actor; Bill Simon, the Republican candidate for governor last fall; and
Richard J. Riordan, the former mayor of Los Angeles."

If it sounds familiar, that would be because you published it on July 9,
as one of your most prominent stories. It is here:

Mr. Camejo is an announced candidate just as much as Mr. Issa. Despite
his exclusion from the candidate's debates last fall, on the spurious
grounds that he wasn't a serious candidate, Camejo received more than 5%
of the vote and ran second, behind Davis, in several cities in Northern
California. A Venezuelan-American, he is very popular with the state's
rapidly growing Latino population, and has championed their causes,
including making drivers licenses available to all residents of the
states, regardless of immigrant status.

By excluding him from the list of announced candidates, the Times is
simply continuing the practice of not even letting people know there are
choices other than the two parties of the moneyed interests, and of
treating certain segments of the population --like Blacks and
Hispanics-- as non-persons who don't count.

Jose G. Perez, Decatur, Georgia

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