Transgressive Abercrombie & Fitch? [hiring for looks]

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Sun Jul 13 11:56:10 MDT 2003

Hiring for looks is not new --but that's pretty obvious in retail,
especially in the restaurant/bar biz in Manhattan.
A woman with a lifetime of experience as a waitress
can forget about getting hired in a "hip & trendy" place
if she's over forty, few chances for over thirties.
Then there's the racist and sexist aspects of job hire filtration.
Picture, if you will indulge me, the Ganymedes of NYC hot spots
--slim, young, gay men-- are they Black, or Puerto Rican?
Maybe one or two... exceptional types.
There are ways for the employer to dodge charges of prejudice.
Talent, timing, etc, etc.
It's show biz, baby!
Mira: Holyvood!
Funky Broad --Way!

I think I told you about shopping in the supermercado in the working
class port city of San Antonio in Chile.  Looking around the store, I
saw a clientel and staff who were ALL dark haired, tan-skinned,
brown-eyed.  On the packages of products lining the shelves were
pictures of smiling people enjoying the product, or personifying a
better life of happiness that occurs if one purchased these products.
The individuals depicted never looked like the people in the store. They
were invariably European blondes with blue eyes and golden-fair skin.

El Mercurio, the "paper of record" in Chile, provided an indication
of other areas, and perhaps some reasons as to why, this dissonance
persists.  In every edition the paper published a society section with
photographs of the movers and shakers of the Chilean establishment: at
polo games, yachting, ribbon-cutting ceremonies, embassy parties,
charity benefits, graduations at special schools, in January and
February photos of the wealthy playing at the coast.  The powerful
ambassadors, high-ranking military officers, business executives, and
establishment politicians were certainly "whiter" than the majority of
the Chilean population.

The US press is making noises about Bush's State of the Union Speech
when he declared Iraq's nuke-yuller weapons of mass destruction were
casus belli numero uno.  I notice we on this list spend little time
on this subject. For myself, it is because we knew this way back
when the words left his lying lips that it was trumped up bullshit,
just another excuse to git it on.  But I can always summon up that
horrible, surrealistic vision of the Congress rising to its feet as a
body to cheer on their Commander in Chief, hundreds of white people
absurdly flapping their flippers all together, all dressed in business
suits and ties, all white, all male, all of a certain age, but for a few
exceptions--some of whom the TV cameras focused on to remind everyone of
just how open and free is this great society, leader of the world.

Is there a socioeconomic system that is more just and fair than
How about less insulting?

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