On Dialectics: sources!

David Walters dwalters at lanset.com
Sun Jul 13 16:30:41 MDT 2003

Seeing as this has popped up, kind of, and for those you interested in
dialectical materialism, it's history, the definition of ALL the terms
associated with it, please go to the Marxists Internet Archive's "Glossary
of Marxism" at:


What we've done is to define the term using Marx and Engels own terminology
with quotations from their text, as well as links to Hegal, Kautsky (who
coined he term, BTW) and others. It's quite complete in it's breadth. The
terms "dialectical materialism" and "dialectics" are defined back-to-back
with links to all the sources.

Some of the texts linked to are:

Lenin's Materialism and Empirio-criticism

Engel's: The End of Classical German Philosophy

Plus links to:

The Science of Dialectics, by Fredrick Engels
Dialectics of Nature, by Fredrick Engels
An example of dialectics in: The Metaphysics of Political Economy, by Karl
The ABC of Materialist Dialectics, by Leon Trotsky and
Lenin's Summary of Dialectics.

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