Philip Ferguson PLF13 at
Sun Jul 13 17:57:09 MDT 2003

Gary writes, in relation to Iraq:
> There is much at stake now, and it is not all bad news for the Left.

Gary, I'm not sure why you were despondent as of May 1.

Obviously, it would have been great if the Iraqis had've beaten the
Yanks, but surely we were all realistic enough to know that was not
going to happen (esp with Saddam and co at the helm).

But some of us argued that beating Saddam was the easy part for the
imperialists and it would be *after* this the real problems for
Washington (and London - and Canberra) would begin.  Iraq, as I pointed
out then, is not Afghanistan and, despite the Baathists, there was a
long, militant tradition of popular (and largely secular) nationalism
and anti-imperialism in Iraq that would find some manifestation after
the imperialist military victory over Saddam.

What is particularly encouraging is that not only is their growing
resistance in Iraq (a US general said the other day, there are up to a
dozen attacks a day on US forces), but the whole WMD propaganda is also
coming unstuck.

I saw on TV here this morning that the retiring leader of the Uniting
Church in Australia, the country's third biggest religious denomination,
has come out and attack Howard for being a liar over the WMDs.

I'd say the news is not just "not all bad", but really rather good indeed!


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