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Sun Jul 13 18:34:22 MDT 2003

> > http://www2.pfeiffer.edu/~lridener/DSS/Marx/2marxtoc.htm
> > Junk that Engels, Plekhanov vulgar marxism.
> > Gouldner is a great read.
> > --
> > Michael Pugliese

I see no reason to respond to liberal anti-Communists on the Marxism list.
If people want to have exchanges with people like Leo Casey or Michael
Pugliese, please go ahead and do so privately. On the particulars: Engels
and Plekhanov were revolutionary socialists while Gouldner was a sociology
professor and enemy of Marxism. Doug Henwood has an email list where
Marxists and defenders of bourgeois democracy like Pugliese can quarrel
with each other until the cows come home. Our mandate is to encourage
debate *among* Marxists and socialists like Jurriaan who take Marx seriously.

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