Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Sun Jul 13 19:43:29 MDT 2003

>>What is particularly encouraging is that not only is their growing
resistance in Iraq ... but the whole WMD propaganda is also coming unstuck.

>>I saw on TV here this morning that the retiring leader of the Uniting
Church in Australia ... has come out and attack Howard for being a liar
over the WMDs.<<

This is all true, but I'd identify two differences in the Australian case
versus the US:

1. On the positive side, I think the opposition parties who control the
Senate will be fairly keen to dig out real dirt, whereas the American
Democrats have seemed fairly cowed at least till now.

2. But on the negative, Howard has two advantages over Bush. Firstly, the
local economy is not in recession. Second, he has got most of the
Australian troops out. I did see on TV there are a few patrolling in
Baghdad, but in a very affluent part of town so I'd say they're being kept
well out of harm's way. So while liberal critics and the media might make a
fuss, I don't think Howard has anything to worry about at this stage.
Anti-war sentiment is quite strong, but there's nothing concrete for people
to focus on. Howard is being proved a liar, but that's not exactly news and
most people are used to it.

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