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Nicholas Siemensma nsiemensma at yahoo.com.au
Sun Jul 13 21:14:15 MDT 2003

Richard Harris  
> The alternative is, instead of being a poor street
> fighter all my life, I
> might as well have been a Henry Liu, a chairman of a
> major imperialist
> investment bank who writes well and dines on the
> blood money made from
> screwing the masses.  More than enough subscribers
> to this list think that
> perfectly fine & look to him for gudance.  Just read
> the Economist.

Isn't war a highly impersonal matter?  Surely we're
not about pursuing mindless vendettas against
individuals.  Sure, bankers as a whole should be cast
in nets into the river, but lay off Henry.

Nick van Damme
Fellow Street Fighter

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