Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sun Jul 13 21:55:17 MDT 2003

Tom wrote:

>  Howard is being proved a liar, but that's not exactly news and most
> people are used to it.

This is a strange phenomenon, Tom  He used to campaign on the "Honest John"
tag but never mentions that now.

However has he been "proved " a liar?  Yes although that has not penetrated
to the level of popular consciousness.  It is still provoking the response
of "Who cares?"

Largely, I think, because no section of the ruling class cares and we are
still very much at the stage when their ideas about the War, and about
Howard are the ideas that dominate.

I really cannot detect among the working class a break from their defensive
position, which is fundamentally one of apathy.

I note too that Labor has hesitated to attack the security agencies who
knew about the falseness of the Niger uranium story but claimed not to have
informed the government.



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