Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sun Jul 13 23:43:40 MDT 2003

At 02:30 PM 14/07/2003 +1000,Tom wrote:

>  Perhaps I am wrong to think Labor will use the Senate to dig for dirt. I 
> can think of two considerations here. One is that Labor does support 
> aggression against North Korea, and that’s emerging as an important issue 
> ­ though perhaps only temporarily, as Bush-Blair-Howard try to deflect 
> public opinion from the intelligence fiasco. The other is that to blame 
> the spy agencies is to play Howard’s game. Clearly he and Bush have lined 
> up the spy agencies to take the fall.

Umm, maybe.  It is hard to say.  I myself suspect that the Agencies are a 
no-go zone for Labor ever since the Cold War.  If you recall the way in 
which the incoming Labor government crapped in their pants over the Ivanov 
affair in 1983, then I think you have an idea of how scared Labor are of 
the spooks.



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