Labor and the spooks {was re:Iraq)

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Mon Jul 14 00:05:20 MDT 2003

>>I myself suspect that the Agencies are a no-go zone for Labor ever since
the Cold War.  If you recall the way in
which the incoming Labor government crapped in their pants over the Ivanov
affair in 1983, then I think you have an idea of how scared Labor are of
the spooks.<<

How then do you explain Lionel Murphy's raid on ASIO? Traditionally they
might fear them, but they also hate them.

But anyway didn't the right wing Labor era of Hawke-Keating put all that
cold war stuff to bed?

[Background note for the long-suffering non-Aussies: In the early seventies
a leftish nationalist Labor Minister raided the offices of the security
agency ASIO, thinking as I recall that they had secret files on the Utasha.
More recently it has emerged that the cabinet agreed on this late in the
night, after a strategy meeting fueled by rather too much booze.]

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