'The Corporate Invasion of Iraq'

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Mon Jul 14 11:22:04 MDT 2003

Louis Proyect wrote:

> What's worse is that they lie about the emigration crisis. Reyes writes,
> "Socialists defend the right of ordinary people to move freely,
> regardless of national borders. It would be a scandal in the left if
> Vicente Fox began to execute Mexicans who illegally cross the border
> into the U.S. in order to avoid a mass migration crisis, yet this is
> what Castro has claimed as a rationale for the three executions."
> In other words, there is not a single mention of the culpability of the
> USA in creating an emigration bottleneck, nor is there any reference to
> all the efforts by the Cuban government to persuade the USA to accept
> more people who want to leave the country. This is very, very
> bad--bordering on disinformation.


I think you are a bit too hard in your judgement. Reyes writes:

"For the architects that engineered the current crisis also had a hand in
exacerbating the Cuban migration situation that has fueled the most
desperate attempts by people wanting to leave Cuba for the U.S. After the
last Cuban mass migration crisis during the Clinton administration, an
agreement had been reached between both governments for the allocation of a
minimum of 20,000 visas per year for Cuban immigrants into the U.S. This
year, with more than half of the fiscal year over, only 2,200 visas had been

I think those are the basic facts. 20,000 visas agreed, 2,200 granted. In my
eyes it is obvious from the article, who created the bottleneck.


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