'The Corporate Invasion of Iraq'

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jul 14 11:46:43 MDT 2003

Johannes Schneider wrote:
> I think those are the basic facts. 20,000 visas agreed, 2,200 granted. In my
> eyes it is obvious from the article, who created the bottleneck.

I missed this. In any case, it is totally disconnected with the business 
about the ferry boat hijacking. Let me repeat what Reyes wrote: "It 
would be a scandal in the left if Vicente Fox began to execute Mexicans 
who illegally cross the border into the U.S. in order to avoid a mass 
migration crisis, yet this is what Castro has claimed as a rationale for 
the three executions."

Where in the world did Fidel Castro use such a "rationale"? Part of the 
problem with sectarian opponents of the Cuban revolution is that they 
are so hostile to the government that they almost never use a direct 
quote from the leadership. Here is what Castro said. If this is a 
"rationale", then it is lost on me:

Fidel Castro:
Hardly 24 hours had passed since the preceding incident when, at 1:40 in 
the morning, the Ministry of the Interior reported that its Command 
Center had just learned that the ferry Baraguá was leaving the harbor, 
that it had passengers aboard, no details on how many, and that all 
indications were that it had been hijacked.

The Ministry of the Interior said that it was tracking the ferry with 
the Border Patrol boat 040 and that a speedboat was also joining in.

The hijacked craft was sailing north at six knots per hour.

At 3:00 a.m. the hijackers made radio contact and said that they had 50 
people on board, including six or eight children and five or six 
foreigners, and demanded that they be given a boat so they could 
continue their journey to the United States, otherwise they would begin 
to throw hostages overboard.

It was the first time that such a demand was made. After that it could 
have been a hijacked bus, putting a knife to somebody’s throat and 
telling a bus driver to go to Boyeros airport, and demanding a plane to 
go to the United States. It is perfectly clear that that is simply 

At 11:45 a.m., the ferry Baraguá, designed to sail in coastal waters, 
ran out of fuel and was adrift 30 miles from the coast in a force 4 gale 
and in serious danger of capsizing and causing the death of the 40 
people there actually were on board, 29 of them hostages, including 
women and children.

At 2:32 p.m., the Border Patrol managed to attach a rope to the ferry’s 
bow, thus saving it from the danger of sinking, and towed it towards the 
port of Mariel. The hijackers, who did not oppose the rescue operation, 
continued to show a highly aggressive attitude, threatening to kill the 
hostages if they were not given fuel when they reached port. They held 
their knives to the throats of several women every time they demanded 
something. It took 40 hours of hijacking, with the cooperation of the 
hostages themselves who jumped overboard, to be able to rescue everyone 
unharmed. It was not necessary to board the vessel, which would have 
been done as a last resort.

full: http://www.ratb.org.uk/html/cspeaks/fidel_25_april_2003.html


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